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Okay guys, so I've lived in NYC for over a year now, and haven't kept up with this blog very well at all. Sorryyyyy. I was going through some draft posts and found these little blurbs from when I first moved to The City. It's interesting to look back and read what I was thinking and feeling when I first arrived in NYC. It's kind of sweet to get reminisce on all the unknowns. Little did I know how this year would unfold -- that I'd get engaged and then married; I'd move into a shoebox apartment in Harlem and have no furniture again. And yes, the move to NYC did and continues to impact Frameworthy Designs (more about that later). All this to say that while these little thoughts are kind of random, and the second one actually isn't really "finished," they serve as a good reminder of how things have changed in my life. God is good and life is good. Blessings abound, y'all.

Written January 17, 2016

I don't think I'd make a very good missionary. I don't really enjoy being dirty, and I'm kind of a cryer. I'm sometimes prone to discouragement. So anyway, I'm not sure I'd be good at it.

...only thinking of this because of the missionary priest that spoke at Mass today... 

But I do think I'm pretty good at making due. I can get by in life with things that are less than perfect, less than ideal. I can make it work and work with what I have.

I moved to NYC a little over a week ago, and I've been thinking about my little apartment on Classen Boulevard in Norman, OK. I remember moving in and having pretty much nothing. No furniture, no curtains, minimal kitchen things...mostly just me. I slept on an air mattress until it started to leak and id end up in an air mattress taco on the floor. My mom eventually came to the rescue and bought me a bed. I acquired a hodgepodge of chairs from my church that I eventually replaced with a real couch, and a cuter chair, and a bookshelf, and an end table. I had a desk and a big shelf for all my products. Shoot, I even got curtains. By the time I moved out of 1010 Classen Boulevard, I had what seemed like a lot of things. 

And when I was packing it away, it really felt like a lot of stuff...Way. Too. Much. Stuff... I wanted to just toss it all.

Part of me wishes I had. But I didn't. Most of it is still in Norman. In storage.

A storage unit full of stuff, halfway across the country...sort of useless... I'm not angry about it, but it really highlights how much I am sort of back to where I was in my first place.

Im moving into a little place in north Bronx on Saturday. I ordered a twin bed and a bed frame from Amazon. I ordered some towels and some tupperware to take my lunch to work. I managed to fit my desk and most of my products and my scanner in my car. I have the bare necessities of what I need. But I find myself missing my things. I miss my real couch and my grandma's old writing desk  and my Target bookshelf that I carried through the store and put together all by myself. I miss my things, mostly, I think, because for me, they were tangible reminders that I am quite capable...

I'm enjoying NYC. I am. Much more than I ever expected actually. I like my job and I love that Mark is around. I don't mind the commute too much, and I'm starting to fall for the city in a romantic sort of way.

But at the same time, it's a little daunting. It's not mine. Yet. Instead of my cozy real couch, I'll have a cheap-ass Amazon bed.  

I'm not sure I would make a very good missionary but if I needed to, I could. And I'm not sure i make a very good New Yorker. But I'm going to do my best. And that's enough.

Written January 24, 2016

So I live in New York City now. Can you believe it?!? I've been quiet about it all, mostly because it happened so quickly...I had about two and a half weeks notice to pack up and move to the Big Apple. Yowza. I've also been quiet, because I'm not sure exactly how this move will impact Frameworthy Designs.

As I walk through the avenues and watch the strangers hustle to and from work and listen to the subway singers and hunker down to ride out #jonasblizzard, I often find myself a little bit in awe that this is my real life. I honestly haven't felt overwhelmed or scared or out of place (except for one time when I took the wrong line and ended up in a rougher-than-I'd-like neighborhood...but no big deal, really).

I've only been here a couple weeks, but I have learned a few things:

  • You don't pump your own gas in New Jersey.
  • If a restaurant has a coat check, be prepared to dish out some cash.
  • NYC has an impressive amount of squash (like the sport) enthusiasts.
  • It only takes the addition of a few extra blocks in my daily routine to crush my Okie co-workers at our FitBit challenge.
  • Conversely, I hardly move on weekends.
  • There are pretty much a million bakeries here.
  • The city doesn't even smell too bad in the winter.

The optimist in me wants to hold onto the hope that I'll be able to just keep truckin' along with custom work and workshops and creating new things and really becoming an artist...but in reality, I think things will have to slow down a bit, at least at first.